Compressed Earth Block Machinery For The World
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We offer an earth construction system that can enable you to economically produce high-quality building components using widely available raw material to build superior, quality buildings.
  1. BLM Series CEB Machine

    Brick Maker Series CEB Machines
  2. PGA Series CEB Machine

    Block Maker Series CEB Machines
  3. PGA Series CEB Machines

    Single Press Series CEB Machines
  4. DBL Press Series

    Double Press Series CEB Machines
  5. Earth Blender Series

    Earth Blenders
The advantages of compressed or rammed earth blocks are many. Since the blocks are machine made they are uniform in size and, with some care, uniform in density. It is common practice to drystack (mortarless) 12" or thicker walls immediately upon ejection from the machine since the blocks are smooth and sharp cornered. This saves on mortar costs as well as handling and damage costs as the blocks are only handled once.

We offer technical support as well as the finest adobe (compressed earth) block machine available. All adobe press machines can be custom made to your specific requirements including: block sizes, power plants, regional parts replacement, dirt type, and additive needs.

With over 30 years in the manufacture of compressed earth block machines and compressed earth block homes you can count on us to provide a long life productive machine and the expertise to facilitate your program.

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Ed-Ellis is a Chartered Builder, Chartered Environmentalist and and Earth Construction Technologist, His services are quite extensive.